Sons of Western Armenia Aren Hovhannisyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 15, 2023 in Society

Aren was from Ararat region, 18 years old. Studied at Yerevan State College of Culture.

He was about to transfer to his fourth year and for a long time he hesitated whether to take a deferment or go to serve and come back, but fulfilling his duty to the motherland was stronger

Parents planned a colorful future for Aren. He wanted to enter the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema.

Hovhannisyan Aren was drafted into the army on August 12,in  2020. He served in Martakert.

On September 27, 2020, the anti-aircraft gun fired at the Arene vehicle while they were anxiously

climbing to the positions.

During the attack,he becomes a living shield for his 5 friends with his body

Only he dies from the explosion.

Aren's heart stopped from the shock wave... none of the 5 friends were hurt. Aren was one of the first victims of the 44-day war. His name appeared in the list of the dead on September 28. Today is Aren's birthday. He would have turned to 20 years old.