Sons of Western Armenia. Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan

  • by Western Armenia, May 16, 2023 in Society

One of the sons of Western Armenia is Major General, hero of the Artsakh Liberation War, former Deputy Defense Minister of the Republic of Armenia Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan. The liberation of Shushi, which had a great psychological and strategic impact on the further course of the struggle, is considered to be his most significant victory during the Liberation War.

Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan was born in Tbilisi on May 22, 1939. He graduated from a military school in Baku, then from the Leningrad Transport and Rear Military Academy. He served in Afghanistan, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Belarus and since 1987 in Armenia.

In 1988, he joined the struggle for the liberation of Artsakh and actively participated in the military training of volunteers. In 1990 he became a member of the volunteer unit "Sasuntsi Davit". In 1991, he was appointed the head of the RA Defense Committee's department of extra-military training.

On October 30, 1991, the newly created Artsakh Self-Defense Forces under the command of Ter-Tadevosyan liberated the strategic village of Togh (Hadrut region) from the enemy in a brilliant operation.

In May 1992, he prepared and brilliantly carried out the liberation of the city of Shushi (Operation "Wedding in the Mountains"), which was considered one of the most impregnable heights controlled by Azerbaijani troops, from which Stepanakert was bombarded for months.