Sons of Western Armenia Edgar Bardumyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 14, 2023 in Society

Edgar Baghumyan was born in 2002. on March 10 in the city of Masis. In 2007, he attended at the 2nd primary school in Masis.

After finishing school, he entered the Agricultural College of Masis city and received  qualification of "Management".

In 2020 On July 10, he was drafted into the army and served in the "Haykazov" military unit of Stepanakert, as a calculation driver.

He participated in the 44-day war from the first day the war begined and skillfully performed the combat tasks set before him.He  took part in the battles for Hadrut, Varanda and Chartar.

He was  only for two month s  servant  he showed courage and bravery during combat operations.During martial operation which lasted for 32 days

Baghumyan performed his duties conscientiously and with a high sense of duty till the last minutes of his life.

Edgar Baghumyan died on October 28 in the area called "Alabali" due to the explosion of a projectile fired by enemy artillery. He was posthumously awarded the by medal of "Courage".