Sons of Western Armenia. Gor Abgaryan

  • by Western Armenia, August 02, 2023 in Society

Gor Abgaryan was born in 2002 in Oshakan. He was a musician and studied at Romanos Melikyan College. He wanted to become a duduk player, but also played the schwi. He took part in all the events organized at the Oshakan Palace of Culture. At a very young age, he starred in the feature film "Dawn of a Sad Street" with actor-director Armen Sarkissian, playing the role of a Turkish child.

He was wounded in the back during the war and died in Mataghis on October 25. The film seems to take place on the battlefield. Gor, aged 18, is shot in the back during combat operations and becomes a hero. Always quiet but practical, Gor dreamed of buying new and better musical instruments after his return from service, building a house and enjoying every precious moment with his family. But the war took his dreams away.