Sons of Western Armenia Kim Khachatryan 

  • by Western Armenia, December 13, 2023 in Society

"There is only one luck for a soldier, either death or freedom." Kim Khachatryan, a volunteer who chose these very words as his slogan, died for the sake of the motherland on October 30, 2020. Kim was born in Areni village of Vayots Dzor Region. He loved his native village very much. His friends say that he often insisted them to  visit Areni. He had a special love for his birthplace, but his feelings for Artsakh were different, as his friends claim, that love was different, it was… heavenly. Kim studied at Yerevan State Medical University named after Mkhitar Heratsi, dreamed of establishing a dental clinic in his village. Proud, patriotic, handsome, with a kind smile. this is how everyone remembers and describes Kim Khachatryan.

Kim volunteered from the very first day of the war.

Due to circumstances, he left for the front on October 12. During those two weeks, Kim once wrote, "I'm ashamed to walk around in civilian clothes when my friends are on the battlefield."

The day before going to war, Kim wrote:

A soldier has only one luck

Either death or freedom

Always keep your gunpowder ready and dry.

Always keep your date correct.

For the ball to go right through the heart,

And deliver him to an impartial death.

There is no question of charity in battle,

And neither the supremacy of conscience,

Never make an alliance with your conscience

Otherwise your conscience will become cold to you.

Be more ruthless than your enemy.

Resolve the aging pain of revenge,

Don't be moved by gossip and complaints.

When your problem is the death of a monster.

Let your enemy curse you

Let the mother of your son scold you.

But your arm will bless your nation,

And I will sing your courage.