Sons  of Western Armenia. Mnatsakan Avetisyan 

  • by Western Armenia, July 29, 2023 in Society

Our hero, Mnatsakan Avetisyan, became one of the symbols of the war as he rose to a post of combat duty before the enemy unleashed a full-scale war in Artsakh. When the call of "battle fire" came from the observation post, he understood that the enemy had attacked.

It took just a few minutes for Mnatsakan Avetisyan's squad to activate the artillery, take control, and dictate the situation to the enemy. The battery commander doesn't forget any of the soldiers. He remembers meeting the journalists under the heat of the fire.

In the report sent from the front line, the boys with broken voices are the ones who transferred strength and spirit from the front to the rear. Mnatsakan Avetisyan was born in Aparan, his father an army reserve officer. They all grew up with songs dedicated to heroic struggle, which also influenced their choice of a military profession.

At the military college, they were taught to overcome all difficulties, even physical ones, with spirit and willpower.