Sons of Western Armenia.Robert Abajian

  • by Western Armenia, June 12, 2023 in Society

Robert Abajian was born in 1996.

For exceptional courage and bravery shown while defending the Artsakh state border, the squad leader of the second rifle platoon of the Artsakh Defense Army's 4th rifle company, junior sergeant Robert Abajian was posthumously awarded the highest title of "Hero of Artsakh" and the "Golden Eagle" order.

19-year-old Robert Abajyan who served 15 months in the army as a junior sergeant is the first person who was awarded the highest honorary title.

Near the stronghold located in the north-east direction of Artsakh, numerous enemy Armed Forces troops twice tried to penetrate and take a position where Robert Abajyan was.

Company commander Captain Armenak Urfanyan, machine gunners Kiaram Sloyan and Andranik Zohrabyan were at the same position.

Within two hours they fought with the superior force of the enemy, till the last breath and bullet fighting for a piece of land, remaining eternal heroes who at the cost of their lives closed before the enemy the doors of Martakert, not allowing to come nearer to Seysulan.

The enemy began shelling the position, then tanks and groups of about three hundred men came to attack.

The platoon leader and six men went into a circular defense.

The platoon of seven men managed to push back twice and prevent the numerous enemy troops from approaching the position, managing to to shoot down one enemy tank in the meantime.

Faced with such resistance, the enemy withdrew its forces and began firing at the position again.

One of the shells exploded, killing Captain Armenak Urfanyan and machine gunner Karam Sloyan.

The captain, seeing that the enemy forces were over 50 times stronger, ordered the platoon to retreat to the rear.The three managed to retreat and waited for the group approaching from behind.

According to his friends, despite disciplinary problems, Robert enjoyed army life, was proud of his uniform, never taking it off when he went on leave, so that everyone could see the soldier of his country - "Monumentzi Kiazh", as his father nicknamed him.

Today Kiazh has a new, the highest honorary title - the title of Hero of Artsakh, with which his cause and name filled a new page of history, becoming for generations a vivid example of a hero of the New Age, who gave his life for the mother earth...