Sons of Western Armenia.Samvel and Narek Ghazaryan

  • by Western Armenia, June 17, 2023 in Society

From the very first days of the tragic war that started on September 27, 2020, brothers Samvel and Narek experienced the cruelty of war. Although they had different personalities, they shared the same fate: fighting and sacrificing their lives to save Artsakh.

Samvel Ghazaryan was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Artsakh and received the Order of the Golden Eagle. Narek Ghazaryan was awarded the Order of the Battle Cross, 2nd degree, and the Medal for Military Merit.

Samvel Ghazaryan was born on December 23, 2000, in Echmiadzin, while Narek Ghazaryan was born on February 13, 2002. They were the only children of Gegham and Nushik, their parents.

Both Samvel and Narek attended Vagharshapat N10 school named after Movses Khorenatsi. Samvel started attending the school at the age of 6, and Narek joined a year later at the age of 7.

The Ghazaryan brothers were full of life, cheerful, and driven. They had already planned their future and set many goals. Narek aspired to become a renowned chef and dreamed of going to Spain. He initially enrolled in an Armenian-French college but couldn't manage both school and college, so he decided to continue his studies after completing his military service.

Samvel, on the other hand, had a passion for music and played the drums. He saw his future connected to music. However, before pursuing their big dreams, they felt the obligation to fulfill their duty to their Motherland. Samvel went to serve in Artsakh first, and Narek joined about a year later.

According to their mother, when the brothers reunited in Hadrut, Samvel became furious and demanded that the commanders not send Narek to the front lines so that the two brothers wouldn't be together.If this is the case, he should be punished, but his parents should be punished.

"Everyone has heard my son's words. They even say that Samvel took out a weapon.They promised him that his brother wouldn't be sent, but not only did they break their promise, they sent Narek back into the perilous battlefields, knowingly risking his life," says the boys' mother.

Narek was injured and passed away 12 hours later. Meanwhile, Samvel was on a special mission when he was killed by an anti-aircraft missile on October 12, just 10 hours after his brother's death. Samvel's body couldn't be located by his parents for a long time.

The father personally built the graves of his sons, and in the Zvartnots district of Etchmiadzin, where they spent their childhood, Gegham Ghazaryan erected a monument to honor the memory of the heroic brothers.