Sons of Western Armenia: Samvel Antonyan qeri

  • by Western Armenia, May 27, 2023 in Society

Samvel Antonyan qeri (uncle)  was born on January 15, 1967 in Javakhk. In June 1988, he was supposed to go to Kirovgrad to study at the civil aviation school. It was at the "Zvartnots" airport that he tore up the ticket and joined the Artsakh national liberation movement. Samvel's war path started from the border regions of Armenia: Khndzorut, Kornidzor, Yeraskhavan.

Every time before going to battle, he sang the song "Qeri" dedicated to the great Hayduk leader, Qeri, for which his friends gave him the nickname "Qeri".

On January 9, 1991, Qeri performed his last task. A child was to be born in Artsakh. The pregnant woman had to be moved from Khartsi to Gish. Near the village of Gharadaghlu, the car is ambushed by the Azeris. He fought against the Azeris until his last breath, covering a pregnant woman whose husband had already been killed with her injured body. He fell heroically after fighting alone. He had many notes about the independent homeland and the national army in his notebook, where he expressed his thoughts.

"No matter what happens, one must be a soldier of one's homeland. With the last drop of blood, he must take revenge, speak a word of anger and struggle. What is our arm for, if not to protect our nation, land, and honor? Protecting the honor of Artsakh means thinking about our hearth..." he wrote.