Sons of Western Armenia – Taron Sahakyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 05, 2023 in Society

On November 16, 2021,  Taron Sahakyan,  who was heroically killed during the battles by  the attack of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces units from the eastern direction of Eastern Armenia,was born in the village of Voskepar in the Tavush region.He  moved to Koghb at the age of 15, and then lived in the Russian Federation for some time.

Taron's father, Major Jivan Sahakyan, is a veteran who  served for many years in the Noyemberyan border guard military unit, he was an artillery commander, in the 1990s the artillery he led acted powerfully and unmistakably, causing great losses to the enemy.

Taron Sahakyan's mother, Ms. Alvard, gave birth to and brought up three patriotic sons, Taron's elder brother Roman Sahakyan serves in the border guard military unit, he is a captain, his younger brother Tigran graduated from a military university and is a doctor.

 The body of senior lieutenant Taron Sahakyan was found in 2021. on November 17, Rustam Muradov, the deputy commander of the southern district of Russia, was transferred from Baku to Yerevan by a special flight.

Handing over the body, Muradov conveyed the words of the Azerbaijanis that Taron was a hero, bury him like a hero.