Sons of  Western Armenia, Tigran Hautyunyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 08, 2023 in Society

Tigran Harutyunyan was an artist in all his qualities. his beautiful and impressive appearance, attractiveness and artistry did not allow him to go anywhere other than the stage and screen.

Friends often called Tigran young DiCaprio. After studying at a dancing  college and dancing in various groups for many years, Tigran chose the Yerevan Institute of Theater and Cinema.

Along with studying, he danced in the "Amaras" ensemble, and with them he managed to go to concerts abroad, particularly in Paris and Moscow.Tigran did not have an acting education, but due to his natural talent, he received many offers to star in the videos by Armenian show business representatives.Played in the sintcom "Outdance" and danced in the theater named after Hakob Paronyan.Tigran was admitted for free with a difference of one point and went to the service later than his peers. Tigran has been working since the age of 14 and had experienced  in many different fields before his service. According to his friends oppinion  it was impossible to be sad and bored with Tigran. In any case, he was positive and optimistic. He was a fan of extreme sports and even bought a motorcycle. He could be found flying from any height

Tigran served in Hadrut, and was there during the war. His friends from the army say that he was a strong soldier, willing and ready to help his friends.

He became a hero while saving his friend life in 2020. in October 10.