Statement by Chairman of the Research on Armenian Architecture Raffi Kortoshian

  • by Western Armenia, March 04, 2022 in Society

    The Chairman of the Research on Armenian Architecture of Armenia Raffi Kortoshian wrote on his Facebook page that in Azerbaijan they began to fear archival materials in the  fund relating to Armenian monuments.

Here is part from Raffi Kortoshian's speech: "The newspaper " Democratic Musavat " in defense of the false statements of the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan presents the facts upside down: allegedly, I even declare the Armenian fortress of Shahbulakh.

He also warns that their specialists also have old archival photographs concerning "Albanian monuments", and if Armenia appeals to the International Court of Justice, it will lose.

I consider it necessary to remind again that any encroachment on Armenian monuments can be documented thanks to our rich archive.

Consequently, it is impossible to avoid the Hague Court in 2021 without the consequences of the decision of December 7."