The 100th Anniversary of   Charles Aznavour. 

  • by Western Armenia, May 21, 2024 in Society

Today is the 100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour,  the famous French-Armenian singer, chansonnie, songwriter, poet, writer, film actor and public figure.

During his musical career, he recorded more than 1200 songs in different languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Armenian, Russian, Neapolitan.

He has written and co-written more than 1,000 compositions both for himself and for other musicians.

He is one of the most famous French talking  singer. For more than 60 years, the world-famous Armenian has been singing about love, loyalty, devotion, bohemianism, madness and intelligence, betrayal, hatred, loneliness and many, many more human emotions and feelings with his unique genius performances.

Charles Aznavour,  Shahnur Vaghinak Aznavourian, was born in Paris in an  Armenian immigrant family,  Misha and Knar Aznavourian.

He started singing at an early age, but gained great fame and fame when he left the first 30 years of his life behind, after his extremely successful performance in 1956 at the "Olympia" hall in Paris.

Since then, his songs have been performed all over the world not only by  him, but also by other great singers and songwriters of the time.

Aznavour has starred in many films, is the author of several books, by which he very frankly presents his whole life to the reader.

 In  1988  in the days of earthquake in Spitak he immediately came to Armenia, created the "Aznavour for Armenia" foundation and recorded the song "For you, Armenia" with the world-famous musicians of that time, and  the money from the concert  was transferred to thousands of families suffered   by the earthquake.Simultaneously with art since 1995 he has represented Armenia in many international diplomatic instances.