The 26th Number  of Western Armenia Magazine Has Been  Published

  • by Western Armenia, May 01, 2024 in Society

The new number  is entirely dedicated to the victims of the Genocide against Armenians.

In the Armenocide section, you can familiarize yourself with the chronology of the genocide against Armenians.

On the cover of the magazine there is a photo  taken by Armin Wegner. During the First World War, 37-year-old medical worker Armin Wegner was among the German soldiers, who by fate ended up in one of the operational camps next to the Berlin-Baghdad railway, which later became one of the places of massacres of Armenians.

In addition to the medical service, he was also involved in photography, which made him a historical witness whose mission was to preserve the facts of the crime for future generations.

His letters describe in detail the atrocities of the Turkish soldiers.

He was surprised and amazed that the great powers remained uncommunicated with the deportations and mass pogroms.

Wegner also wrote an open letter to US President Woodrow Wilson, told  and presented facts about the deportation, torture and mass extermination of the Armenian people.

In his letter, he states that the Armenian people are subjected to such cruelty that no other nation in the world has seen.

Wegner for secret photographic activity in 1933. expelled from Occupied Western Armenia. His remains in 1996 moved to Armenia.