The 31st  Number  of the Western Armenia Weekly Newspaper was Published

  • by Western Armenia, June 11, 2024 in Society

The 31st number of the Western Armenia weekly newspaper has been  published. On the cover of the new number  is a photo of the fortified city of  Ughtis (Olti).

 The eleventh anniversary of the establishment of the National Assembly of Western Armenia has been celebrated on  May 24.

In the 31st number  of the   Western Armenia weekly newspaper, you can be informed about the agenda of the 22nd session of the  National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia,  the speech of the speaker of the government, about Harissa, which occupies its unique place in Armenian cuisine, in the series of “Armenian and Armenian”.

The history of the lives of the victims  of Western Armenia, as well as a number of other topics.

The Armenian, English and French versions of the weekly newspaper can be downloaded below in PDF format.