The 82-year-old citizen from Stepanakert not found yet.

  • by Western Armenia, March 06, 2024 in Society

The events of September and the events that took place during it and the migration did not give the Emiryan family rest for more than 5 months. Arev Emiryan spoke to journalists about his father, 82-year-old Gavrusha. He is wanted since September 27.

Arev Emiryan noted that his father lived in the Martuni region all his life. He is a doctor by profession, so he served Artsakh with all his professional abilities, working in the medical facilities of Martuni and neighboring settlements.

During the wars, he joined his colleagues in the military hospital and saved hundreds of lives. He is the author of 2 books, one of which he dedicated to his friends of the White Army, and the other he documented heroic stories.

The daughter told the journalists that on the afternoon of September 27, Gavrusha, having learned that 1 bakery was working in Stepanakert, decided to find and bring bread to the residents in the shelter. He left and did not return.

Her family members informed all relevant structures in Stepanakert about Gavrusha's disappearance.

Searches were initiated, but did not yield results. In a few days, they will also move to Eastern Armenia. Arev says that he and his sister turned from here to the rescuers who were still in Artsakh at that time, and then to the Red Cross. The data of Artsakh citizens registered in Syunik and Vayots Dzor marzes were identified, searched in all care centers operating in Armenia, but no positive answer. Arev and his sister carefully followed the footage published by Baku about the Artsakh citizens in Stepanakert, they did not see their father, they did not imitate anyone.