“The Archaeological School of Ani”. International Conference

  • by Western Armenia, June 04, 2024 in Society

The three-day international conference entitled "Ani Archaeological School" has started in the History Museum of Armenia.

This year is celebrated  the 160th anniversary of the leader of the Ani excavation expedition, Nikogayos Mar, and the prominent researcher of Ani's architecture, Toros Toramanyan, as well as the 140th anniversary of Ashkarbek Kalantar, one of the key members of the expedition and the organizer of archaeological work in Armenia.

Davit Poghosyan, director of the History Museum of Armenia, highlights the conference dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the regular excavations and the creation of the Ani Museum and the anniversaries of three prominent researchers who, in addition to the excavations, also undertook the museumization process of these materials.

During the international conference, more than four dozen reports are planned, the topics of which refer to the history of Ani, the study of culture and museumization, covering the fields of history, archeology, lithography, architecture, museology, cultural studies, and art studies.