The Armenian Church of St. Sargis in Tekori, Western Armenia, is on the verge of disappearing

  • by Western Armenia, March 18, 2023 in Society

The last of the 5 historical Armenian churches found in the Tekor district of the Kars region of Western Armenia is also disappearing due to its dilapidated state. reports.

Of these 5 churches located about 25 km southwest of the ruins of Ani, 5 km from Tekor province, only the church of St. Sargis has survived, having become a gathering place for shepherds and treasure thieves.

If measures are not taken as soon as possible, this church, like the other 4, will go down in history. The interior of the church was turned into a stable and the walls were demolished. The local residents tore them down and used them for construction.

The 5 Armenian churches in Tekor had domes, they are: St. Karapet, St. Astvatsatsin, St. Stepanos, St. Grigor and St. Sargis.

It should be remembered that the monastic complex comprising these five churches was abandoned in the 13th century after the Mongol invasions.

These churches are considered part of the cultural heritage of Western Armenia and their preservation is very important. By occupying the territories of Western Armenia, the Turkish authorities try to destroy the cultural values through their particular policy. The international community should register all this and take clear measures.

This issue will be the subject of a report by the Parliament of the Republic of Western Armenia.