The Citizens of Artsakh Cannot Get an ID Card

  • by Western Armenia, April 03, 2024 in Society

Citizens of Artsakh who have obtained the citizenship of Eastern Armenia cannot get  an ID card in Armenia.In the passport and visa department, Artsakh citizens are justified by the fact that there is no information about them or that the place of birth of Artsakh citizens should be marked by the name  "azerbaijan" on the ID card. The problem is that ID cards indicate the country of birth, not the city.

The correspondent of Western Armenia TV asked for clarification on this issue to 

Migration and Citizenship Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

 They answered this is a technical obstacle and  will be solved.

The National Council of Western Armenia reminds that since 1920, Artsakh has been an integral part of the Republic of Armenia, which was recognized in 1920 by the Supreme Council of the Allied State Powers. And that Western Armenia, even as a result of the genocide, never gave up its sovereignty and territorial integrity.