The  Deputies of European Council called on the EU Leaders to Support the Preservation of Heritage Artsakh’s Armenian

  • by Western Armenia, March 19, 2024 in Society

The Council of Europe deputies called on the EU leaders to support the installation of cameras on the Armenian heritage objects of Artsakh in order to prevent their destruction.

A group of European Parliament members called on EU leaders to ensure that the EU takes active steps to protect the Armenian cultural and religious heritage in Artsakh.

Member of the European Parliament Miriam Lexman wrote about this on her official page of X, attaching the content of a lengthy letter addressed to the President of the European Council Charles Michel, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Parliament Robert Mezzola.

We, the undersigned members of the European Parliament, are concerned that the thousand-year-old Armenian cultural and religious heritage in Artsakh is under immediate threat of destruction, desecration and usurpation, in gross violation of international law and the legally binding decision of the UN International Court of Justice. These objects are an important part of our European heritage and it is our duty to ensure their preservation.

After the war of 2020, in the territories that came under the control of Baku, symbolic objects of Armenian cultural and religious heritage, including churches, monuments, khachkars, cemeteries, statues were destroyed, and Armenian inscriptions were erased from the walls of Armenian churches and tombstones," the letter states.