The First Meeting of Artsakh Sub-Council was Held

  • by Western Armenia, April 06, 2024 in Society

With the blessing of Garegin the Second Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, the Council of the Diocese of Artsakh was established under the leadership of the diocesan leader His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Aprahamian.

Due  to the Artsakh Diocese, at the proposal of Bishop Vrtanes and with the consent of His Holiness the Patriarch, the composition of the council members was approved.

‣ Bishop Vrtanes Aprahamian - leader of the Diocese of Artsakh

‣ Mr. Lernik Hovhannisyan - chairman of the board

‣ Mr. Sergey Safaryan - member of the board

‣ Mr.Hovik Alukhanyan

‣ Mrs. Melania Balayan

‣ Mrs. Armine Aleksanyan

‣ Mr. Robert Avetisyan

‣ Mr. Albert Andrian

‣ Mr. Aleksan Hakobyan.

On April 4 the first meeting of the diocesan council was held.

Based on the fact that the members of the council are located in different countries of the world, the meeting was held online.

During the meeting, such primary issues were discussed as the problem of preservation of Artsakh's spiritual and cultural heritage and Armenian graves, works aimed at preserving the identity of Artsakh, challenges faced by Armenians of Artsakh, steps aimed at activating their spiritual life and other issues.

On April 5, members of the diocesan council living in Armenia met with His Holiness the Patriarch, who gave his blessing for the start of the council's activities.

His Holiness the Patriarch made relevant orders aimed at the preservation and continuous activity of the Diocese of Artsakh.