The fourth anniversary of Samvel Karapetyan’s death

  • by Western Armenia, February 27, 2024 in Society

Today is the 4th anniversary of the death of Samvel Karaptyan a devotee in  Armenian architecture.

Monumentologist. This word cannot be found in dictionaries. This  word over decades has been created to describe just one person's struggle.

And if one day it will find  a right  place in the dictionaries, then in the explanation part it will be written: Samvel Karapetyan.

His working style and vision was to go step by step through the cradle of the Motherland, to find, study, publicize and dedicate to Armenology those that  hav  never been studied.

He is the first researcher of many villages, settlements and places, the first photographer, the surveyor, discoverer and  measurer of countless monuments, the first reader and publisher of thousands of lithographs.

Unfortunately, he was able to process and publish only a part of the enormous material accumulated due to selfless work.

On one occasion S. Karapetyan said.

"I have now reached the point in my life that I am presenting the report of the works I've done.

And if suddenly for any  reasons I won t be able to  carry it out to the end, there are those who will  continue it."

It has been for 4 years that the Foundation for the Study of Armenian Architecture, in spite of many difficulties and obstacles, not betraying Samvel Karapetyan's trust, continues to keep his teacher's vision alive carrying forward all the programs initiated by him, as well as creating new ones. 2020-2024 the foundation continues  the activities of the Great Hayordi, published 17 works

created 3 websites and 1 film,studied the monuments of more than 500 settlements of the Great  Armenia.

Rest in peace Great Teacher. Your work goes on.