The genocide that continues to this day

  • by Western Armenia, April 21, 2022 in History

    The  Genocide of Armenians is one of those events that will never be forgotten, even after several centuries. No one can and should consider this as a problem of the past or of history. Its devastating consequences and the pain caused are still fresh, just like yesterday. Despite all the efforts of the murderers to deny and neglect, the genocide remains a fact in the criminal case in the volumes of the Turkish state and continues to this day. The first major genocide of the 20th century was actually a massacre of women and children. 

It was a massacre of civilization and culture. This is the complete destruction of people, their forcible removal from the lands where they have lived for thousands of years. From Talaat to Mustafa Kemal and from there to R. Erdogan, the biggest obstacle to the attempt to create a homogeneous Turkish nation right now is the presence of millions of Kurds and other national minorities living on the lands of Western Armenia.