The issue of the territories of Western Armenia recognized by Russia worried the Turkish politician

  • by Western Armenia, March 04, 2022 in Politics

Iyi Parti (Good Party) party Chairman Meral Akshener spoke in the Turkish parliament, during which, assessing Russia's military actions against Ukraine, Akshener, in particular, said: "Russian President Putin does not recognize the will of the Ukrainian people. He does not respect their political sovereignty. 

Now it is the time for sanctions." Noting that Erdogan did not show a consistent position on this attack, Akshener said: "The relations between the two countries (Turkey-Russia, ed.) are not balanced and symmetrical. These relations are in favor of Russia." In this context, he touched upon the occupied provinces of Kars, Karin and Ardagan of Western Armenia, noting that the above-mentioned areas were previously part of Russia. We would like to remind Mrs. Akshener that although she represents Kars, Karin and Ardagan as part of Russia, Russia has already recognized the independence of Western Armenia, including the mentioned areas, on December 29, 1917.