The Monument Commemorating the Legendary Mkrtich Harutyunyan (Mgro) was Opened in Tallinn.

  • by Western Armenia, June 06, 2024 in Society

In the central part of Tallinn's street named after Mkrtich Harutyunyan, the solemn opening ceremony of the monument-monument of Mkrtich Harutyunyan (Mgroi), a spy who was named among the best commanders of recent history, a posthumous knight of the "Combat Cross" 1st degree and "Honorable Servant" orders of military intelligence, took place.

The honor of the opening ceremony was given to the father, wife and daughters of Mkrtich Harutyunyan. The order of blessing of the memorial was performed by the clergy. A general prayer was sung for Mkrtich Harutyunyan and other martyrs.

"Mkrtich is the defender of this land, nation and the stones of this mountain and, like them, stands in front of all encroachments," said the commander of the Special Forces of the RA Armed Forces, colonel Argishti Vardanyan, presenting the significance of the memorial.

Mkrtich Harutyunyan participated in the four-day war, from the first day he actively participated in the 44-day war of 2020, fighting on the front line in the hottest spots.

 In 2022, Harutyunyan's battalion participated in the September battles in Ishkhanasar, successfully carrying out special tasks. Died on April 11, 2023, while performing a special task on the border of Tegh village.