The Nature Foundation of the Caucasus provided 1 million euros of support to Eastern Armenia in 2023

  • by Western Armenia, December 27, 2023 in Society

In 2023, the Caucasus Nature Foundation implemented many projects aimed at the effective management and protection of the specially protected natural areas of Eastern Armenia.

The Foundation presents information about the works implemented in 2023.In general, support to  Armenia was provided within the framework of one million and 83 thousand euros, of which 803 thousand euros were directly allocated to public health institutions.

From this amount, the appropriate funds were directed  to the 4 SNOCs and to community landshapt of "Arpa".

In particular, 336,000 euros of the mentioned amount were directed to the "Zangezur" biosphere complex,133 thousand euros directed  to the "Khosrov forest" state reserve, 184 thousand euros to the "Dilijan" national park, 55 thousand euros to the "Arpi Lake" national park and 95 thousand euros to the "Arpa" protected landscape.

The total value of the contract is 300 thousand euros. About 50,000 euros of grant contracts were signed with the "Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center" SNOC, including technical support for an all-terrain vehicle and special equipment for field work.

With the participation of the Caucasus Nature Foundation, Wikimedia-Armenia held the contest entitled "Wiki loves the country", the winners of which were awarded by CNF. In the course of 2023, 10 video films were shot with the Hieroglyph company dedicated to the guards working in specially protected areas of nature.

2024 is a jubilee year for the Armenian representation of the Caucasus Nature Foundation. The 15th anniversary of activity in Armenia will be celebrated, which means that more new and interesting programs.

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