The Pasadena Armenian Coalition will hold an event commemorating the Armenian Genocide

  • by Western Armenia, April 17, 2024 in Society

The Armenian coalition of the city of Pasadena, California, USA, announced that on April 21,an event will be held on the  commemorating the victims of the Genocide committed against Armenian nation near the city's memorial of genocide. 

This is reported by "Massispost"

The purpose of the event is to draw the public's attention to the ongoing demands of the Armenian community so that turkey recognizes the genocide committed against Armenians.The event also highlights how failure to recognize and punish genocide can lead to its recurrence, as evidenced by Baku's ethnic cleansing in Artsakh.

The event to be held on April 21 will begin with the solemn commemoration of the Genocide in 1915, which will be followed by the broadcast of the testimonies of the survivors of the genocide committed against the Armenians,during which the main speaker of the day will speak:Seda Antekelyan, the representative of   Shoa  Foundation of the University of Southern California,as well as Congresswoman Judy Chu."We invite and encourage all  Armenians living in  American  and the Pasadena community to join us and attend this important commemorative event."said Poghos Patatyan, a member of the Pasadena Armenian Coalition.