The people of Sarushen in Artsakh are creating on their native land with the expectation of stability

  • by Western Armenia, February 24, 2022 in Society

    The main direction of employment of the residents of Sarushen village of Askeran region of Artsakh is agriculture-cattle breeding and gardening, there are also those who are engaged in greenhouse farming. This was announced by the head of the  village Sarushen Karen Gasparyan. "350 residents live and work in Sarushen. After the war, two deported families settled here. 

The secondary school operating in the community has 47 students. There is a preschool at the school, where 21 pupils attend. The celebration hall has been renovated, provided with the necessary property and dishes. The construction work of the medical center is currently underway," Gasparyan considers the safety of residents an important task. According to him, the community is provided with electricity and water.