The Reference of the Lebanese Press to The Genocide against Armenian. 

  • by Western Armenia, May 03, 2024 in Society

Lebanese dailies published in Lebanon on April 24 referred to the 109th anniversary of the genocide against Armenians and the march-campaign of Lebanese Armenians on that occasion.

Each daily newspaper commented on the march from its own point of view and analyzed it in its own way, then S. At the commemoration ceremony held in Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral.

Alis Poghosyan's article on the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the Genocide against the Armenians appeared on the front page of "Zhumhuria" newspaper with the title "History, if it speaks".

The article also contains the opinion of one of the prominent French political figures, Jean Jaures, that "We live in such an era when humanity cannot live when there are the remains of a genocidal people in its garden."

In his article A. Poghosyan referred to the historical facts of the genocide against the Armenians, mentionning that they are enough to condemn Turkey and push it to recognize the genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians, and then compensate the material and moral damages inflicted on the Armenian people

The article also mentions the issue of ethnic cleansing in Artsakh, carried out by Baku with the complicity of Turkey and Israel. A. Poghosyan emphasized that Turkey's recognition of the genocide committed against Armenians can prevent further genocides.

"Nahar" daily referred to the commemoration ceremony of the 109th anniversary of the genocide against Armenians in the besieged Antilias peninsula by the Lebanese Armenians and published a photo representing it.

"Nahar" correspondence was content with stating that the above-mentioned ceremony was held by the organization of three Armenian political parties and Aram A. of the Great House of Cilicia. under the patronage of the Catholicos.