The Relatives of Soghomon Tehliryan Handed over Valuable Materials to the Genocide Museum-Institute

  • by Western Armenia, April 26, 2024 in Society

Arpi Oskanyan and Anush Oskanyan-Ohanyan, the granddaughters of Soghomon Tehliryan's cousin were hosted at the Genocide Museum-Institute Iin Armenia  who handed over their family relics, Soghomon Tehliryan's unique diary and nine photographs, to the Genocide Museum Institute in Yerevan. 

This was reported by the museum-institute.

The director of HCTI, Edita Gzoyan, thanked for the provision of exclusive materials, expressed hope that they, in particular, the diary, will shed new light both on the life of Soghomon Tehliryan and on individual episodes of the Nemesis operation from the heroic pages of their history.

In her speech, Edita Gzoyan also highlighted the importance of Soghomon Tehliryan's trial in terms of the concept of genocide and the creation of the convention, stating: "Soghomon Tehliryan is ours, but he also belongs to the world."

After that, Gohar Khanumyan, the chief fund-keeper of HCTI, presented the photos, personal documents, etc. of Soghomon Tehliryan kept in various museums and archives of Armenia, including the Museum-Institute of Genocide against Armenians.

Arpi Oskanyan and Anush Oskanyan-Ohanyan stated in their speech that after a long discussion, they realized that the place of Soghomon Tehliryan's atypical diary and photos is the Genocide Museum against Armenians. As a sign of gratitude, Edita Gzoyan, the director of HCTI, handed over letters of thanks made from April 24 flower petals to the donors.