The subject of the day with Grigor Amirzayan

  • by Western Armenia, January 11, 2024 in Society

The deputy of the 3rd convocation of the National Assembly of Western Armenia, Grigor Amirzayan, informed in his microblog that the Military Academy named after Vazgen Sargsyan,that  belongs to the Ministry of Defense of Eastern Armenia, is now a member of the International Association of Military Academies.

Due  to extensive educational reforms, the military academy was able to apply for membership in the International Association of Military Academies.

The candidacy was approved

taking into account the pedagogical reforms that carried out by the academy,

joining to  the international association, which includes 19 military academies (USA, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Qatar, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Colombia, Philippines, Kosovo).

You can watch Grigor Amirzayan's analysis on the subject on Western Armenia TV's on YouTube page.