The world’s first cave church is located on the territory of Cilicia in Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, February 26, 2022 in Culture

The Church of St. Peter Church in the Cilician city of Hatay in Western Armenia, known as the "first" cave church in the world, after being included in the temporary UNESCO World Heritage List, it was restored and landscaped. The church with an area of about 10 thousand square meters retains its peculiarity of being an attractive tourist destination thanks to hiking trails, recreation areas, cafes and consulting offices. After our era, in the 30s, believers of Jesus secretly gathered here, then the Church of St. Peter was built in a cave dug in the rocks, which, after the Vatican in 1963, proclaimed a place of pilgrimage for Christians. The Church hosts everyone who wants to make a pilgrimage every year on June 29. Dear compatriots, you can also visit this holy place, which is located in one of the fabulous places of Western Armenia in Cilicia.