Time for dignity. Guillermo Karamanian

  • by Western Armenia, May 24, 2023 in Society

Since the Hamidian massacres in 1894 until today, a continuous and unpunished genocide by Turkey on the Armenians, with an abject epicenter between the years 1915 and 1923, where in a cold and calculated way the Turkish government planned and perpetrated the murder of the people of Western Armenia to appropriate almost all the original and historical territory of Armenia. The  lands of  Western Armenia, which have been invaded  by Turkey for 100 years, were declared Armenian in 1917 by Russia and in 1920 were recognized in public international law as members of the Armenian State by the USA, England, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and by more than 20 countries  The hour of dignity has arrived.We have established the Republic of Western Armenia, a continuation State of the Armenian State of 1920, liberate our Lands from Mount Ararat to the last of our beloved provinces of Western Armenia.This is our new way of commemorating our martyrs, standing tall, full-bodied and in full exercise of our rights, following the legacy of our elders who have survived the abominable crime that we remember today.Guillermo Karamanian Consul of the Republic of Western Armenia in the Argentine Republic.