To what extent is Van prepared for an earthquake 

  • by Western Armenia, March 27, 2023 in Society

Although all institutions have warned of an impending earthquake in Van, the city’s local authorities do not take precautions against earthquakes and other potential disasters.

As early as April 2022, the report pointed out that an earthquake could occur at any time. The report said, “Given that construction in Van province takes place on lake and land sediments, the predicted earthquake will cause more damage in the region, causing more human and material losses.”

Mikhail Atik, the head of the Van branch of the Chamber of Engineers, assessing the situation, noted that the underground area of the city of Van has become wet over time and that concrete measures have not been taken to reduce the risk of disaster. 

  “There is an earthquake fault very close to the city center that is building up stress. I’m sure there will be an earthquake in the future. The authorities are not taking the necessary measures. If everyone builds a building of their own free will, then what is the role of the municipality and the government? 

Construction companies have obligations, but their main goal is profit. In the cities where the earthquake occurred and aftershocks continue, more buildings are being constructed. This situation is an invitation for more disasters,” said the engineer.