Today, 56 years ago, inauguration of the Memorial to the Victims of the Armenian Genocide

  • by Western Armenia, November 29, 2023 in Society

56 years ago today, on November 29, 1967, the memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide was inaugurated with a solemn ceremony at the summit of Tsitsernakaberd.

The Armenian Genocide Victims Memorial is dedicated to the memory of 2 million Armenians victims of the first genocide of the 20th century perpetrated by the Young Turk government throughout the territory of Western Armenia. In 1967, since the completion of construction, the Memorial has become an integral part of Yerevan's architecture, becoming a place of pilgrimage. Situated on a hill and standing out from the general landscape, the Memorial is at the same time in perfect harmony with the environment, and the simple lines of the structure convey the spirit of the nation that survived the genocide.