Today is Leonid Azgaldyan’s birthday

  • by Western Armenia, November 21, 2023 in Society

Today, November 22, is the birthday of Artsakh hero Leonid Azgaldyan. he would have been 81 years old.

Ruben Azgaldyan, who came to Tiflis from Shamkor, married an elegant and beautiful Armenian woman, Nina, and raised her first child, Nelly, received an invitation from his close friend, the first secretary of the Central Committee, Grigor Artemi Harutyunyan, to settle in Armenia and was appointed secretary of the Nor Bayazet regional committee. This party worker was the head of the district, the organizer and leader of the construction works, who did not differ at all from the residents of his district either in clothing or livelihood. His one word was enough to fill his house with all the good things in the region, but it was alien to his noblest description. The family of the first person in the district lived like everyone else, equally sharing hunger, cold, and hardships. To ensure the successful birth of her second child, Leonid, the mother left for Tbilisi, where Leonid Rubeni Azgaldyan was born on November 22, 1942.

In 1947, the family moved to Yerevan. Ruben was appointed head of the special department of the Central Committee.

In 1949, Leonid entered the secondary school named after Mravyan.

Leonid was the most ordinary and dirty dressed in the class. The official's son never wore new clothes so that he would not suddenly be different from the others. He was listened to and obeyed with love, because he was always right.

Leonid was a leader, a leader. Behind him, all his friends felt safe and unharmed, even when they were the losers when trying to figure out boy relationships. Leonid taught the art of learning even from defeat and becoming stronger in order to be invincible. In this way, he trained himself from childhood, he saved his muscles, practicing first swimming, then boxing, water polo, becoming healthy in body, strong in spirit, wise in mind.

After completing the tenth grade, Leonid went to Moscow and entered the radiophysics department of the Lomonosov University, stunning the examining professors during the entrance exam for mathematics.

After completing the task accurately, showing the professors that the problem could have been formulated differently, he surprised the Moscow professors with his knowledge and commitment in the same way as the teachers who taught him in Yerevan were amazed. He became a radio physicist, scientist, director of a research institute. Leonid Azgaldyan was the first who was able to predict the course of the gatherings in 1988. At one point, he appeared in Freedom Square, doing a sit-in with many people, in the ridiculous hope that if they shout a little louder, a little more, Moscow will definitely give in and return Artsakh, but he waved his hand and left, prophetically predicting , that all this would turn into an armed struggle and it was necessary to prepare for war. During the Soviet years, very few would have had the audacity to think that there could be a war between the two Soviet "brotherly" nations or that the Soviet Union would collapse, and Leonid not only thought about it, but also spoke about it.

The first Armenian man who raised the issue of having an army and called his squad "army" was Leonid, being sure that without a regular and powerful army, it would not be possible to maintain the independence of Armenia, that all victories would turn into zero if there was no regular army standing behind them. Then, of course, the work of army building was assigned to other people.

Leonid Azgaldyan was the founder and first commander of the Liberation Army. Not large, but a perfect army that went into battle not to kill or be killed, but to win. It was necessary to win in order to return our illegally seized lands, and he liberated the north-eastern borders of Armenia without loss, which were occupied by the Azerbaijanis during the Soviet years, emerging in a friendly manner and establishing a population in Armenian buildings. Artsakh was suffocated in the same way, appearing at the crossroads connecting the Armenian cities. Azgaldyan later liberated many of them with his comrade-in-arms, Artsakh Front commander Vladimir Balayan, chief instructor Armenak Abrahamyan, and Hovsep Hovsephan. Azgaldya liberated 27 settlements with his Liberation Army, causing 6 casualties. Protecting and liberating the villages of Buzlukh, Erkej, Manashid, Maragha, Kichan, Tsamtsor, Togh, Imeret-Kerevent, Chaighuvushan, Aghdaban, Maniklu, Bash Gunepayan, Orta Gunepayan, Srkhavend. The great commander was preparing for the great battle that would be waged for the sake of complete and united Armenia. And in order to make that noble idea a reality, he needed perfect Armenians and devotees, whose self-sacrifice would begin with achievements that seemed small, but played an important role on the battlefield. In order to have a sober mind, a flexible mind, strong, resilient muscles and an unbreakable power to win, his soldier had to give up smoking, drinking, stay away from worldly temptations, train for eight hours and be hardened, obey orders unconditionally and love the motherland with all his living and breathing nature.

Just like Leonid Azgaldyan, the man himself, the Armenian and native defender, did.

In a moment free from fighting, soldier Khoren took aim at a quietly emerging turtle to test his marksmanship and shot. The turtle's armor became hot and scattered, the commander learned about it. He called Khoreni close. The fighters held their breath. They knew that they would be punished, but they did not know what kind of punishment was expected. The well-mannered commander would not swear, his harshest word was "sheepkeeper". Pastor would not say, because pastor was a position worthy of respect for him.

"How many years will you live?" the commander calmly asked.

"Well, maybe sixty or seventy," the boy grumbled.

— Do you know how many years a turtle lives? A couple of hundred years. Having become a part of this nature for three centuries, three hundred years, he becomes a peaceful and harmless witness of the past centuries. And you deprived him of life. Go, we are not here to kill, but to conquer and live.

Leonid didn't need a chair, he had a different dream.

- Don't believe if they come and tell you that I was killed. I will fall under the walls of Istanbul, - he said, emphasizing "Istanbul", when there were another rumors about his death. And he didn't need a chair to reach the walls of Istanbul, he had created a stable, strong and stout army in mind and body, a small army with which he would reach the realization of his dream, if... if conspiratorial shots did not block the path of his earthen body.

Azgaldyan in 1992 On June 21, in the Martakert region, near the Tonashen village, he was killed by the conspiratorial shootings of the enemy. He was posthumously awarded with the RA "Combat Cross" order of the first degree.