Today is Monte Melkonyan’s Memorial Day

  • by Western Armenia, June 12, 2023 in Society

June 12 is the day of remembrance of Monte (Avo) Melkonyan, national hero of Armenia, hero of Artsakh, active participant in the Artsakh war, commander, lieutenant colonel of the EC army (1994, posthumously), former member of the Armenian Secret Army of the Liberation of Armenia, active participant in the Lebanese civil war. 

From May 1980 he was the chief military instructor of the Armenian Secret Army of the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA). In 1983 he left ASALA (due to disagreement on political direction and approaches) and founded the revolutionary movement of ASALA.

In October 1990 he participated in the defense of Artsakh. At the beginning of 1991 he founded the "Patriot Team". In 1992 he was the commander of the Martuni defense zone. Under his leadership, Martuni became the safest and strongest region in Artsakh. Under his leadership, Karvajar was also liberated in March-April 1993.

Monte was killed on June 12, 1993 in the village of Marzili, Martuni region.

After his death, he was posthumously awarded the medals of the Republic of Armenia "Homeland", "Golden Eagle" of Artsakh, "Military Cross" of the 1st degree. In 1994, the "Monte Melkonyan Foundation" was established in Yerevan. The military academy of the Ministry of Defense was named after Monte. In the city of Martuni in Artsakh, there is a monument in memory of Monte Melkonian by sculptor Levon Tokmacyan. Monte Melkonyan's body was buried in the Yerablur military pantheon.