Today is Sayat Nova’s birthday

  • by Western Armenia, June 14, 2023 in Society

The great Armenian poet of the late Middle Ages, Sayat-Nova (real name: Harutyun (Arutin) Sayadyan), was born on June 14, 1712 in Tiflis.

Given a loom at the age of 12, he learned to weave and soon became so skilled that he built a new loom to make canvas.

Singing and music had fascinated him since childhood, perhaps under the influence of his father and mother. By the age of thirty, Sayat-Nova had perfected the art of troupe playing, learning simple and mixed modes and measures, inventing games, adapting particular melodies. He probably traveled throughout the Middle East for many years, visiting Persia, India and various regions of Western Armenia, making pilgrimages to the monastery of S. Karapet de Mouch in Taron, until he was universally recognized and christened Sayat-Nova, the song hunter (in Persian, sayad-hunter, nova-song, melody).

Sayat-Nova rendered great services to Armenian literature and spiritual culture in the late Middle Ages. He is the epitome of Armenian Gusana folk poetry, an artist extraordinarily gifted by nature. He is the first poet of Armenian reality who played a major role in the spiritual rapprochement of the peoples of the Caucasus with his multilingual works. Since the 18th century, many Georgian, Azerbaijani and Armenian poets have been influenced by Sayat-Nova. He also has a permanent place in the history of Georgian lyric poetry.

His works have been translated into many of the world's languages. The World Peace Council decided in 1963 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sayat-Nova's birth