Today is the 36th anniversary of the Artsakh Movement

  • by Western Armenia, February 13, 2024 in Society

In Hadrut, as  Igor Muradyan did  many people also   lit the fire, and the fire reached Yerevan and then returned to Akna, Jrakan, Varanda, etc.

We liberated Artsakh in 1991-94, but in our political way of thinking, we did not liberate Artsakh on the way to state formation... and the process stopped.

We remained in the ideological core of the Soviet non-republic, that's why we went along the path of "Armenian Region , Artsakh independence", recognizing the "territorial integrity of Azerbaijan" including Artsakh.

And that's why we lost Artsakh.

Today, we must liberate Artsakh in our thoughts and, accordingly, lay the foundations of the New Republic.

Because the 3rd republic ended. But we are the generation of independence.

Some want to revive the 1988 movement, while Western Armenia is already on the move.