Today is the  Day of Liberation of Karvachar

  • by Western Armenia, April 01, 2024 in Society

April 1 is the 31st anniversary of the liberation of Karvachar.

On this day in 1993, Karvachar, one of the most important locations  in Artsakh, was liberated.

The operation to liberate Karvachar began on March 27, 1993. On April 1, the district was already liberated.

On April 1, Karvachar was liberated due  to freedom warriors  Armenag Aprahamian, Hovsep Hovsepian, Volodia Avetisian, Sargis Karapetian, Misha Tadevoseian, Hovsep Nersisyan, Vigen Abrahamyan and others, Karvachar was liberated.

In 1993 at  the end of March, the situation had sharply worsened on the Northwestern Front.

The Berdzor-Karvacharyan grouping

 of Baku began to carry out rear offensive operations against the Armenian forces stationed in Martakert and Berdzor regions from the north-western and south-eastern directions.

The command of the self-defense forces were  tasked with neutralizing the firing points located in Karvachar and Berdzor and defeating the Berdzor-Karvachar grouping.

The Karvachar military operation was dictated in order to secure the rear of the Artsakh self-defense forces waging liberation battles in the Martakert region.

The command of the Self-Defense Forces were  aware of the complexity of the military operation being undertaken.

Here everything was  put on the altar.

An overstrain of forces 

high discipline, skill in strategy and readiness for self-sacrifice were required,

After organizing a small but effective defense in Martakert, the Armenian forces on March,  in 1993,  after pre-emptive strikes and artillery preparation, undertook a military operation of neutralizing the strongholds of Karvachar region and liberating the territories of Berdzor region under the control of the enemy in several directions; The battalions of the Martakert defense region operating under the command of Norayr Danielyan carried out the attacks in the northern direction of Omar.

On April 5, the entire Armenian nation was rejoicing. The Armenian armed forces had come out of the Omari Lobster Pass

 thus completing the liberation of Karvachar, the citadel of Artsakh. The liberation of Karvachar was a vital necessity to ensure the security of the north of Artsakh. The operation of throwing the enemy out of Karvachar and to make the Azerbaijani firing positions took place from March 27 to April 1.

This part of Western Armenia has been occupied by Turkish-Azerbaijani forces since November 9, 2020.