Topic of the day with Grigor Amirzayan

  • by Western Armenia, January 12, 2024 in Society

Grigor Amirzayan, a deputy of the 3rd convocation of the National Assembly of Western Armenia, informed in his microblog that Baku challenges the architecture of the Armenian Church of St. Hovhannes in occupied Artsakh.

Azerbaijan continues to renovate the Armenian Church of Saint Hovhannes Mkrtich (Saint Hovhannes the Baptist), better known as Chucha's "Ganache Jam" (Green Dome), in occupied Artsakh.

This Armenian church, built at the beginning of the 19th century, has been restored and improved several times over time. Until 2020, during the 44-day war, the Saint Hovhannes-Mkrtich Church was one of the favorite places for  Artsakh residents, as well visitors of Artsakh.

You can watch Grigor Amirzayan's analysis on the topic on Western Armenia TV's YouTube page.