Training Muster of Reservists in Eastern Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, February 29, 2024 in Society

From April 1 to June 28, Training camps for reservists will be held from April 1 to June in Eastern Armenia.

Training sessions first group of reservists, enlisted rank and file, non-commissioned officers and officers, will be held

in 2024, from April 1 to June 28 including.

The decision was taken at the  session of the Government of Eastern Armenia.

Up to 4,799 citizens will be involved in the training sessions, of which 4,353 are rank-and-file and junior non-commissioned officers, 144 are senior non-commissioned officers, and 302 are reservists of the officer corps with combined motorized rifle, communication, reconnaissance, engineering, and rocket artillery specialties.

"The training sessions are announced for the purpose of improving the military abilities of the reservists, professional training and preparation, training of reservist officers from non-commissioned officers with higher education, involvement in combat duty," was  said in the justification of the decision.

Each citizen will be involved in training sessions for a period of no more than 25 calendar days.

Up to 25 units of road construction vehicles (multi-bucket excavators - ditch diggers) will also be involved to ensure training sessions.