Trilingual mobile application for  Ani City 

  • by Western Armenia, December 29, 2023 in Society


A mobile application has been developed that addresses to  the history and architecture of the city of Ani, known as the "mythical" capital of Armenian history, connecting the caravan routes connecting the East with the West.

With the support of Portugal-based Galust Gulbenkian Foundation and US-based World Monuments Fund, many experts, archaeologists, art historians, architects and photographers from Armenia, USA and Europe gathered around the Ani mobile application project. In the application prepared in Turkish, Armenian and English languages, the user is presented with information about Ani and its surroundings "History",

With the titles "Architecture", "Art History" and "Preservation Works". Four main routes created based on the location of the various structures of Ani allow you to visit and experience the ancient site of Ani in popular themes. Users can also create their own routes by selecting their preferred structures. The content includes a glossary of architectural terms to be better understood  the historical and architectural texts, a bibliography, a bibliography highlighting more comprehensive research, and a small test section for users who want to test their knowledge in Ani.

The virtual guide also includes information connected with the visiting hours, transport and accessibility.