We and our place names

  • by Western Armenia, February 02, 2024 in Society

Most Armenian place  names have been changed  from  the old Armenian place names as a  result of the penetration of the Turkish nomadic,  tribes into Armenia.

From the beginning, they subjected the local Armenians to various pressures. they forced them to leave their flat and fertile lands, well-maintained and well-built houses to places with little land and less suitable for cultivation, imposed heavy taxes on Armenians, and robbed them of their property.

 In 1915 According to the decree of Sultan Selim I, the irregular gathering of boys and girls, the so-called blood tax, became a great disaster for  people in possession.

And this has been carried out  for centuries. The pressures of t

 turks on  Armenians were so strong that in many settlements of historical Armenia, such as in the Malatiya province of historical Lesser Armenia, the houses of the Armenians did not have windows opening to the street.

However, turks consistently banned the Armenian speech and imposed terrible punishments and pressures on those who uttered the word Armenia and Armenian speakers. Since 1880, the name Armenia has been banned in official documents.

The article on the name changes of Armenian place names is available on the website of Western Armenia TV.

6. The future of Lake Vana is at risk

International energy experts have pointed out more than 100 lakes known for their size in the territory of occupied Western Armenia, including Lake Vana. They specifically noted that Lake Vana is very attractive from the point of view for solar energy production.

Experts say  that Lake Vana is located in a high zone, and solar panels will work more efficiently in a high place, so it is very suitable  for solar energy potential.

Therefore, there is an intention to use Lake Vana for the production of solar energy. This intention has caused concern; it endangers the future of Lake Vana.