We will willingly provide the free housing stock in Varnkatagh to the deported compatriots. The head of the community  

  • by Western Armenia, March 02, 2022 in Society

The main direction of employment of the residents of the village of Varnkatagh in the Martakert region is agriculture. The head of the Varnkatagh community, Gegham Bedanyan, said that after the military operations, 57 hectares of agricultural land came under the control of the enemy. "There are five students in the school. Preschool children are ten. During the 44-day military operations, eight residential buildings suffered losses of various degrees. We have a functioning administration and a celebration hall, the conditions in the building of which are not satisfactory for full-fledged activity. There are about 70 houses in the village, which we will gladly provide to families deported from other settlements of Artsakh,"  noted G. Bedanyan.