What do the people of Artsakh, deprived of their homes, demand?

  • by Western Armenia, February 22, 2022 in Society

    The people of Artsakh, deprived of their families as a result of the 44-day war, held another protest yesterday. First, the residents of Hadrut and Shushi were on the Republic Square, then they marched to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. These people are so discouraged that they still do not demand their home and lost homeland, but they want refugee status from the government.

"Refugee status should be granted in order for Hadrutsi to show the world that, yes, such a case occurred, and our territories were occupied by the Azerbaijani authorities. It is not so that we will not return to Artsakh, the status of Artsakh and the issue of security must be resolved so that we will not be forced to leave our homes again for the third time," the participants of the action said.