Sons  of Western Armenia: Edik and Armen Karapetyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 07, 2023 in Society

Father and son Karapetyans died in the third Artsakh war. The father, Edik Karapetyan, was a volunteer, the son, Armen, a conscript soldier. The son died on October 2, the father on October 3. The funeral and burial of the father and son took place on the same day.

Armen was a conscript soldier, 19 years old, he was the youngest in the family, he has 2 older sisters. He was a patriotic young man, proactive, very active in the community, friendly, he was brought up with patriotism and great devotion to the motherland, following his father's example.The father, Karapetyan Edik, was 56 years old, he was a participant in the Artsakh war of survival in 1992-1994, he had the fighting name "Shun Edo". As soon as the war started, he volunteered and went to fight. He did not go to the boy, he fought at another point. The Turkish-Azerbaijani attack of September 27 was Edik Karapetyan's last war. The combat service medalist freedom fighter participated in both the first Artsakh liberation war and the 2016 four-day war.

Even his mother, who was left alone at home, did not deter him from the idea of ​​going to war. His wife and daughter were not in Armenia, he assured his wife Alina that he will not go to war. The Karapetyans are from Syunik marz, from Goris, but they have been living in Parakar community of Armavir marz for several years.

the father reassured his son that he will not be taken to the front line, he has a vision problem, and the son told his father that he is a driver, they will not be taken to positions. Both the son and the father were killed by a drone strike, the father in Karvachar, the son in Mekhakavan. Edik was not aware that his son was killed. The last time Armen talked to the residents, he said that everything is normal, we are fighting. Father and son went to conscious death.