In the European Weightlifting Championship, the Armenian team won by team calculation

  • by Western Armenia, February 21, 2024 in Sport

For the second year in a row, the Armenian team won the European Weightlifting Championship by team count.

The 2024 European Weightlifting Championship ended in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, on February 20, where the Eastern Armenian team took first place in the team calculation for the second year in a row. Armenian weightlifters won 10 big and 16 small medals this year, overtaking the team of the host country, Bulgaria, on the last day of the competition.

Among the teams of 20 countries, Eastern Armenia is the leader in terms of both big and total medals. Bulgaria is in second place, Italy is in third place.

The team of Eastern Armenia won 4 European champions this year, repeating the result recorded in Yerevan last year.

 After an 8-year hiatus in Sofia, Armenia was able to win a gold medal in women's competition as well. 19-year-old Alexandra Grigoryan was declared European champion in the 55 kg category. The last time we had a female European champion was in 2016. Nazik Avdalyan won the title in the 69 kg weight category.