Misak Glchyan, a 12-year-old Resident of Akunq Village in Tallinn, is the First Guinness Record Holder of the Year.

  • by Western Armenia, June 12, 2024 in Sport

Misak Glchyan, a 12-year-old resident of Akunq village in Tallinn, set the first Guinness record of the year.

 He did 52 spins in 1 minute on the spinning bar in the circle of the “Big Back Spin” exercise.

Thus, due to 6 months of hard work, the young hero was able to exceed the current Guinness record holder Davit Fahradian by 4 revolutions, who performed 48 revolutions in one minute.

It should be noted that the students of HI-AM Academy of Tallinn already have 17 Guinness records.