Surb Sargis Armenian Church of Sebastia’s Kamarak province needs restoration

  • by Western Armenia, May 26, 2023 in Society

The 19th-century Armenian church of Surb Sargis, in the village of Chepni in the Ararak province of Sebastia, has become a target for treasure hunters.

This is reported in the Turkish-language media.

According to the source, treasure hunters periodically destroy the church by digging large holes and destroying the building.

The roof of the church is covered with grass and earth, and the view from above resembles a home garden.

The former head of the Chepni community, Murad Uchar, stressed that the church needs to be restored.

" It is assumed that the church was built around the first quarter of the 1800s.

The Armenian church is called Surb Sarkis.

In the conditions of the time, the structure was a place of worship.

We have known about this structure since our childhood.

Often the church was destroyed by treasurers.

This place is a heritage which needs to be passed on to future generations.

We want the structure to become a trademark of our neighborhood.

We want to restore the church to give an impetus to the development of tourism.

The construction of the church must be done in accordance with the construction norms of the Armenian architecture, as there are many cases when the facade of the church was changed under the veil of repairing the church, which is similar to the Balkan churches.